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Summary (TL;DR) Knowledge is power.  Technology is powerful.  TechCoach.me exists to help you power up your teaching and learning through technology.Click the following links to visit:My About Me PageOur Code…

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Code of Conduct

All are welcome. Share your thoughts. Be Kind. Do not feed the trolls. Thank you to the video game site Evolvehq.com, now Player.me, for having the best Code of Conduct on…

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About Mr. Brigham
Mr. Brigham in an online ad for Senator Angus King's 2018 re-election campaign.

About Mr. Brigham

Benjamin BrighamTechnology CoachWestbrook School DepartmentMaine, USADuring his eighteen years in the field of education, Benjamin Brigham has received numerous awards for his innovative, engaging and technology-rich educational practice. Ben’s passion…

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