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Expanding My PLN: Named a 2017 PBS Digital Innovator


Digital Innovator?  Awesome.  Just Awesome!

Really awesome things happen to me sometimes.  This is one of those times.  I am thrilled to share that I have been selected as Maine’s 2017 PBS Digital Innovator.  As a result, I will be joining a group of 51 other educators from throughout our nation “who are thought-leaders and classroom changemakers…for ongoing professional development and opportunities to share strategies, empower peers and inspire students.”

As a participant in the Maine Teacher of the Year program, I have witnessed the amazing projects and personal growth that can happen when you bring together talented, committed educators who are focused on improving outcomes for learners.  I am extremely excited to meet the other 2017 PBS Digital Innovators. learn about their work, continue to grow as an educator, and share my learning with others.

As part of the PBS Digital Innovator program, I will be attending the PBS Digital Innovator Summit as well as a day of ISTE  in June.  I will also be connecting with Maine Public to explore opportunities for collaboration, receiving a 3D printer, receive a year of professional development and a year of PBS Learning Media Custom for my school.

To say that I am excited about the possibilities that the PBS Digital Innovator program presents would be a gross understatement.  I am ecstatic!  Keep an eye out for future posts as I am sure that I will have some exciting experiences and learning to share as the year progresses.

Now, please excuse me while I head off to celebrate and refer to myself as “Mr. Digital Innovator” to revel in receiving such an outstanding opportunity, honor and title.


Congratulations to the other 2017 PBS Digital Innovators!  I look forward to meeting you soon.

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